Merry Christmas 2023

We are going to cover all sorts of old fashioned Christmas fun.

If you have a favorite Christmas story passed down by your family we would love to have it posted it here.

Let’s bring back the magic of Christmas. Welcome to Christmas 2024.

Christmas Dinner

Santa Chief with platterChristmas Dinner is an important American family tradition. Here we will explore that and recipes for your special Christmas gathering.

Christmas and Pets

Christmas Cat in a Box
All about our pets. Getting a cat or a dog for Christmas? Christmas Pet hazards, and Christmas Pet treats.

Christmas Santa

Santa Loves You
The history and life of a person we all love Santa Claus

Christmas Snowmen and Snowflakes


All about Snowmen, starting with Frosty of course. Snowman designs Snowman decorations and more.

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stocking green

All about Christmas Stockings, traditions, history, making them and buying them. Also, what to put in them.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree

All about the wonderful Christmas Trees we love. This is all about the traditions of Christmas Trees and how to make decorations, ornaments, and care for your Christmas Trees

Christmas Treats

Christmas Treats
Here you will find all the special treats to make and eat, like cookies and popcorn, cakes and candy canes.

Christmas Wreaths

Small Christmas Berry Wreath

There are Pinecone Wreaths, and FlowerWreaths, Peanut Brittle Wreaths, Popcorn Wreaths, ones you can make and ones you can buy