Heartwarming Stories of Santa Claus and the Joy He Brings to American Families

Keeping the Spirit Alive: Heartwarming Stories of Santa Claus  - and the Joy He Brings to American Families Welcome to our blog post celebrating the enduring magic of Santa Claus in the United States. As we approach Christmas 2023, we want to share heartwarming stories that remind us of the joy and happiness Santa [...]

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All About Santa’s Suit

In an earlier post, we talked about Santas suit being typically garbed in a white fur-trimmed red jacket and pants with matching hat, black boots and broad-buckled belt. We said that this prototype Santa suit, which became world famous through the Coke commercials featuring artist Haddon Sundblum’s lifelike paintings, was first originally seen in the [...]

Lets Play Secret Santa

Liven up your school, office, neighborhood or even family Christmas party with a traditional “Secret Santa” game. If you are hosting, begin by getting the participants to agree on the price range, typically $10 - $20. Be considerate to those on a tight budget and do not encourage anything too expensive. Next, ask the group [...]

Why Hang the Christmas Stocking?

“The christmas stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there," reads the passage from that timeless “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” poem that people my age used to recite out loud in school come Christmas time. So indeed, hanging stockings over the chimney has long been [...]

Santa’s Reindeer

At his home somewhere at the North Pole, Santas reindeer Clause has a stable where he keeps his team of flying reindeer which he uses to pull his sleigh through the air whenever he delivers gifts to all the nice little boys and little girls on Christmas eve. Literature professor Clement C. Moore's 1823 poem [...]

Christmas Elves – Santa’s Little Helpers

Christmas elves have long been a part of American Christmas folklore. They are often depicted as tiny magical beings with pointy ears and long noses. They are also typically shown garbed in green or red and wearing pointy hats and pointy shoes. They live with Santa Claus and act as his helpers at the North [...]

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Is there really a Santa Clause?

There will come a time in every parent's life Santa Claus when he or she will be faced with that question. When it's your time, how will you answer your child? Of course, it's best to find out first what prompted your child to ask and also what he or she believes the answer to [...]

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Santa Claus, Soon Coming to Town!

Christmas is already just around the corner! The little ones are starting to be more well-behaved than normal. They have kept to heart these familiar lyrics which they have heard over and over being sung at their favorite TV shows and just about everywhere: You better watch out You better not cry You better not [...]

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